免費下載 Evernote 綠色便攜版

您即將下載的軟件是 Evernote (71.17 MB): Evernote 是一款免費且優秀的筆記軟件或個人知識管理軟件,可以幫助你有效的管理各類電子筆記、資料,并在網絡和移動設備中輕松同步。

為確保軟件能正常運行,請下載壓縮包后使用最新版 7-ZipWinRAR 解壓后再運行或安裝。如本軟件有了新版本,煩請聯系我們,我們將及時更新。

Evernote 綠色便攜版 所有下載地址:

特別提醒:近日,本站收到了「關于將 Evernote 軟件下架事宜之律師函」,函件中提示:任何人在中國內地提供 Evernote 軟件的下載、安裝或其他相關服務均不符合相關法律、法規。

鑒于此,本站提供的 Evernote 國際版已全部停止下載,推薦您下載使用中國版的印象筆記如果確實需要 Evernote 國際版,請郵件聯系我: [email protected], 由此帶來的不便敬請諒解。

Evernote 更新日志:

  1. Encryption between the client and server has been beefed up.
  2. We let users save audio locally if they've exceeded the note size
  3. Users are prevented from making content changes when the Evernote client database is locked by another process (e.g., antivirus scanner)
  4. Evernote client asks once and remembers when you don't want to see a "note move" notification.
  5. Messaging to alert the user when they're approaching their notebook limit
  6. Fixed: The cursor stays in the note body when the user navigates away from the title field
  7. Fixed: Files can be consistently reattached after deleting or undoing an editing action
  8. Fixed: Print behavior works consistently between the main note and single note view
  9. Fixed: Notebook count is correct
  10. Fixed: Large lists of notes and tags are scrollable as expected