HelpNDoc 便攜版 - 免費的幫助文件和電子書制作工具

HelpNDoc 便攜版 - 免費的幫助文件和電子書制作工具

文章分類: 辦公軟件 - 更新時間: 2019/3/9

HelpNDoc 是一個強大的幫助文件制作工具,對個人用戶完全免費,使用 Ribbon 風格界面,可以輕松制作幫助文件或電子書,并發布為 CHM、Web、PDF、Word、EPUB、Kindle Ebook 等格式。

HelpNDoc 有一套比較靈活的模板系統,可以在預置的目錄模板中任意添加一級、二級目錄,并分別編輯各個目錄下的內容,實現了完全的所見即所得。同時編輯功能也比較強大,可插入各類資源,包括圖片、視頻、文檔、HTML 源代碼、表格、特殊字符、判斷條件等等。

HelpNDoc Portable

HelpNDoc 可輸出標準的 CHM 幫助文件,但需要系統安裝 HTML Help Workshop,要輸出 EPUB 電子書,則需要安裝 Kindle Gen


已經做成綠色便攜版,下載解壓后直接運行 HelpNDocPortable.exe 即可,2019/3/9 更新版本為 HelpNDoc

HelpNDoc 支持中文字符,不會出現亂碼,偶爾制作個電子書還是挺方便的。也可以試用下本站之前介紹的幫助文件制作軟件 WinCHMHelp & Manual Pro


HelpNDoc Portable 更新日志

  1. Each topic can now have an optional description which is exported to HTML's description meta tag for better Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Topics can now have status and it is possible to perform conditional generation based on topic status
  3. Topics can now have custom properties which can be useful for advanced scripts and templates purposes
  4. The "Find and replace" dialog can now search using regular expressions or library items
  5. Lengthy search operations (searching the whole project) can now be aborted in the "Find and replace" dialog
  6. Most lists and grids now include a find panel to rapidly search for items. It can be opened by hitting the CTRL+F keyboard shortcut for supported lists (e.g. toc, library, keywords...)
  7. Enhanced support for screen readers in the topic editor
  8. Better Per Monitor DPI awareness in various dialogs
  9. Redesigned insert symbol dialog: supports for all Unicode characters, character groups and categories, hexadecimal character support, select font with same character...
  10. Faster and more secure data access to HND project file
  11. Project analyzer now contains actions to rapidly delete all selected keywords

Easy to use yet powerful help authoring environment which can generate various documentation formats from a single source. HelpNDoc provides all the tools necessary to write complete help files, manuals, documentations and eBooks in a user friendly and very easy to use environment.

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